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Awards & Honors

Intel Parallel Computing Center, Oct, 2015
NVIDIA Global Impact Award, March, 2015
IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award, June, 2013
TeraGrid Best Visualization Display Award, TeraGrid’11, July 24, 2011
SciDAC OASCR Visualization Award, May 2011
ACM Gordon Bell Finalist, Supercomputing’10, New Orleans, Nov 13-19, 2010
SciDAC OASCR Visualization Award, May 2009
Excellence Award for Scaling AWM-OLSEN to 40k BG/L processors, SDSC, 2006
Excellence Award for Parallelization of Regional Spectral Model RSM, SDSC, 2003
First Place of Science and Technology Progress Award from Ministry of Water Resources of China for joint project Hydrologic Cycles on Climate, 2001
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 2000-2001
State Baden-Wuerttemberg Graduate Scholarship, Germany, 1994-1996